Neck tattoos etc.

I don’t have a tattoo. Mostly because I don’t have the balls. Many other people obviously do. Like this guy,  Aaron Denham.

Aaron Denham, 22, pictured with his life-saver Maria Brasseur, proudly shows off the new tattoo on his neck which reads 'Maria' and the date of the accident under a halo

Aaron fell off his bike and broke his neck. Thankfully, a woman saw him the accident and:

“forced him to the ground and pinned him down with her own body to stop him moving.” (Daily Mail).

It all sounds a little violent if you ask me… but Aaron didn’t think so and to show his eternal gratitude he got a tattoo of her name. On his neck. Perhaps he was still blissed out on morphine. Perhaps the accident left him with other, less visible, injuries. Perhaps he could think of no other way to say thank you. Like with chocolates and flowers. Just, wow.

Then, there’s this:

"I am slow"

This poor guy thinks his tattoo means: To excel; strength; to persevere; to find happiness. It actually means: I am slow. Damn it ey. (For more, check out – never gets old).

Another reason I can’t see myself getting a tat… Years ago, I asked mother-dearest why she never got a tattoo. Her answer both shocked and impressed me.  “Well honey,” she said, “if I ever end up on a Most Wanted list, a tattoo is one of the easiest ways to be identified.”

Mum? What the heck.

At once I realised: a. I need to find out more about my mum; and b. the woman has a point…….

And one last reason, I would regret it. Probably within minutes. Sometimes, I regret other people’s tattoos on their behalf. Like the other day at Reading Festival I saw a tat that almost brought me to tears. It was worn by a young girl, barely 18. She was pretty, petite, with willowy blonde hair and dainty features. She had a tattoo of a human skull across her chest. It was about the size of your palm, starting at the base of her neck. Her collar bones were lined with thorny red roses. It upset me to the very core. Why such a grotesque image in such a visible place? And why so large? I wonder if she still likes it. I wonder if she’s a little bit crazy. One thing I do know for sure – that girl has waaaaay more guts than I do… and I’m okay with that.

“Oh but there’s always tattoo removal” I hear you say. No thanks. Watch this….


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