Art of the Street: Part I

Here’s what I will do when I’m elected Mayor:

1. Kick everyone out of the city for a week (a compulsory holiday or something). 2. Fly in all the world’s most reputable street artists. 3. Equip them. 4. Let them run riot making the city their canvas.

With any luck, the effect would be something like Berlin. Walking through the streets there, I found myself in a constant state of awe. I felt inspired. And that’s the feeling I would want to replicate in my city.

The thing that really gets me is the sheer enormity of some works; larger than life pieces covering building after building. I don’t really know about legality and access in Berlin. It all seems very grey. Either these guys have permission, nobody gives a crap, or they have some serious guts. Check it:


This is by a Belgian guy called Roa. He’s probably one of the most famous urban artists in the world, and one of my personal favourites. There are stacks of his dead and decaying animals scattered across the globe (more here


The Yellow Man by twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.


Astronaut by Ash Victor. Painted as part of a festival in 2007.


Slightly unsettling stuff by Blu. No one knows his real identity. Most of his stuff is a comment on corporate greed, corruption, isolation.


This one’s fun. In Amsterdam.

Ahhhh street art. You bring such life and vibrancy to an otherwise soulless cityscape…. More street art posts to come. Watch this space!


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