12 Tunes For 2012

What a year it’s been! These songs have really defined everything about 2012 and in years to come I am certain they will transport me back… 1. Waste of Wine by Light Giant [Free download here] This song is without question my number one anthem of the year. Possibly the decade. It’s also the most played … More 12 Tunes For 2012

Letter to my Mum

The older I get the more I realise how truly remarkable my mum actually is. As a teenager I was extremely critical of her. I honestly thought she was annoying and out of touch and downright ignorant. We had some shocking fights over the years, of which I am now ashamed. I cursed her. Screamed … More Letter to my Mum

Art of the Street: Part III “Animals”

It’s a simple dish. 1 part Art. 1 part Animal. Combine. Allow to cool. Can’t go wrong. Best served by ROA. Arguably, the king of the street art animal kingdom.  I’ve talked about this guy in previous posts. He’s infamous for his enormous, textured, black and white animals in various states of life and death and decay. These … More Art of the Street: Part III “Animals”