Dear 2012

Dear 2012,

I’ve been on the steepest of learning curbs this year. Riding on an accelerated travelator about life, love, dreams, priorities, the world, the future. Pretty much everything.

Someone once told me that the 30s are the best decade of a woman’s life. By then she knows what she wants and where she is headed. By then she has figured out her place in the world and she’s cool with it. And she is still young. This year I turned 26. Somehow, I feel like I’ve taken a little step closer to all of those things…

I have learnt that the grass will always look greener. Always. The key is to look at what you have, embrace it, own it, make the most of it. Fact is, people on the “greener” grass want to be on your grass. Put yourself in their shoes and live a life that would make you jealous of yourself.

I have learnt that people are, by far, the most important thing. People matter. Friends, family, your nearest and dearest. Invest in them. The quality of your relationships is entirely up to you. So give your time, your love, your ear, your hugs, your money. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Cherish them. Do life with them. And enjoy the journey. People matter.

I have learnt about patience. Good things take time. Dreams can take years and years and years to accomplish. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Position yourself well and commit for the long haul. Don’t lose heart. Don’t become impatient and frustrated. And don’t compare. Comparing with others is toxic.

I have realised that I don’t want to sharehouse anymore. I yearn for my own space and my own things. I have learnt (again) that I need  time alone. And that’s okay. Sometimes I need an empty house and a couple of hours to regroup, regather, refocus. Otherwise, I implode into a mess of tears and snot. I don’t sleep properly and the cycle perpetuates.

I learnt that I need sun and warmth and outside activity (ie. Australia).

Thank you 2012. Thank you for solidifying things for me this year. For making me stronger and broadening my perspectives. Thank you for helping me to realise the desires of my heart. I could actually burst with excitement at all that is to come in 2013…




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