Jamal’s Holey Skull

I umm-ed and ahh-ed for ages over whether to post this poem due to the drug references. Then I thought, screw it, no one reads it anyway.

This little ditty is based very, very loosely on someone I know, so the name has been changed.

I chuckled a little while writing it, I hope you chuckle a little while reading it!


I once knew a guy named Jamal,

Who had a big dent in his skull.


He got teased and picked on at school,

The kids would be so cruel.


They pointed at his head,

“You’re a mutant” they all said.


This made Jamal feel sad,

For he was a sensitive lad.


He begged them to be nice,

He even asked them thrice!


But no matter what he said,

They kept picking on his head.


And he couldn’t leave the school,

He was their teacher, after all!


It made him want to cry,

But instead he’d go get high.


It would help to ease his mind –

Forget the kids who were unkind.


He’d smoke up in the morn,

To help cope with the scorn.


He’d smoke up in the day,

To keep the pain away.


He’d smoke up in the eve,

Seeking sweet reprieve.


When kids yelled out “Teacher!”

“You’re an ugly creature!”


Jamal would simply shrug,

Then offer them a hug.


The kids thought it weird,

He hugged them when they sneered.


And after just two days,

They quickly changed their ways.


Instead of all the jeering,

They greeted him with cheering.


“Sir, you are the bestest,”

“We love it when you test us.”


“Your holey head is cool,”

“You’re the best teacher at this school!”


So the teasing went away,

And at school Jamal did stay.


He stayed for many years,

And the kids became his peers.


The ones who were the meanest,

Came to love him dearest.


And that’s the story of Jamal,

With a great big dent in his skull.


The End.


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