The Giant Dwarf

There once lived a man who was both a dwarf and a giant in a single lifetime. His name was  Adam Rainer. Not much is really known about him, apart from the medical facts. Here’s my take of it… . Every year my father used to make me and my brother stand with our backs … More The Giant Dwarf

Short Story: Parachute

“Come to my family’s house for dinner” he’d said. Told her, in effect. And suddenly there she was, amid a whirlwind of French woman, in an apartment on the outskirts of Paris. Fast-moving, fast-speaking nervous types, they were. Fussing. Chopping. Rinsing vegetables. Clattering dishes and pots. Jabbering in French. Giggling. Bickering. Two were his sisters. … More Short Story: Parachute

I Need A Dollar

My lovely friend Ruthie told me this story. It’s Sunday morning and Ruthie is having brunch. She’s just been shopping with her friend and the pair is soaking up the sun, sipping skinny lattes and admiring their freshly manicured nails. The waitress arrives with two plates of deliciousness. Poached eggs on rye bread. There’s thick … More I Need A Dollar