One Night Away And An Open Highway.

One night away and an open highway.

A new town, a motel room, and an oversized bed with overstuffed pillows.

A packet of shapes, a bottle of sweet wine, and a remote control that belongs to you and you alone.

Two remote controls. My god.

It is truly amazing what a road trip can do. A solo road trip, that is.

It is always more satisfying and more nourishing than I recall.

It is the ultimate escape. The sweetest disruption.  Best of all, it is the perfect excuse.

An excuse to forget the unrelenting demands and stresses that beat around like a swarm of clumsy mosquitoes.

An excuse to wonder around for no reason other than the unfamiliar scenery.

An excuse to sit idle in a café and simply soak up the vibe.

It doesn’t take much.

One night away and an open highway.

That’s all.

I just got back from a mini-break.

It was very last minute, but it left me feeling positively pampered, refreshed and re-focused.

I didn’t go to the end of the earth. In fact, I didn’t go far at all.

I didn’t even do anything outrageous.

But it was far enough and it was unfamiliar and that’s all I needed.

The daily grind can be a drag sometimes.

Just make sure it doesn’t drag you down.

Don’t let the endless routine hammer you down and flatten your beautiful creativity and innocent inspiration.

Don’t starve those seeds from long ago that lay dormant at the pit of your soul under layers of your perceived duties and the demands of others.

Don’t drown in the same same same same.

Sometimes all it takes is a night away. And an open highway.


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