Another Damn Wedding

It’s a stage of life we all go through: THE WEDDING PHASE. It lasts three to four years and by the end of it nearly everybody you know has married off. For me, THE WEDDING PHASE started with my Christian friends (presumably desperate to do the deed). Then the rest fell like dominoes. Wedding invites came … More Another Damn Wedding

Sucked in, Sinkhole

You’d be pretty unlucky to be swallowed up by a sinkhole. Imagine – you’re driving along en route to a hot date, when BAM, you’re falling down a hole. You’re tucked up in bed with a hot milo and a good book, when BAM, you’re falling down a massive hole. Or you’re taking a bog, when BAM: . . . . So, what’s … More Sucked in, Sinkhole

An Ode to Apples

I freaking love apples. LOVE them. So I wrote them an ode. Ahhh scrumptious apples…. Here it is: Oh apples. Oh apples. How I love thee. Oh apples. Oh apples. For breakfast, lunch and tea. * I eat you when I wake, I eat you late at night. Pink Lady, Red Delicious, What a taste … More An Ode to Apples

Riddley Walker review

I read ‘Riddley Walker’ by Russell Hoban because someone I admired said it’s a book that changed their life. Plus, it’s widely hailed as one of the great novels of the 20th century. Sadly I can’t say that my life is now changed. I can say, however, that this book was definitely worth the read – even if it … More Riddley Walker review