An Ode to Apples

I freaking love apples. LOVE them. So I wrote them an ode. Ahhh scrumptious apples…. Here it is:

Oh apples. Oh apples.

How I love thee.

Oh apples. Oh apples.

For breakfast, lunch and tea.


I eat you when I wake,

I eat you late at night.

Pink Lady, Red Delicious,

What a taste delight!


I don’t need a knife,

To cut you up to eat.

I don’t need a stove,

To put you on the heat.


You’re perfect as you are,

Perfect to the core.

But one is not enough,

I’m always wanting more.


You are a humble fruit

with so much to give.

Without you on the menu,

I don’t think I would live.


Fresh and crispy flesh.

All that sweet, sweet juice.

Oh apples. Oh apples.

You are my favourite produce.




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