Hunger Games

 I had coffee with one of my best friends today. She has been haunted by bulimia for ten years now. She is beautiful in every way. We talk all the time about anything and everything and I tell her she is beautiful. She doesn’t believe it. She still starts sentences with, “When I am healthier…” And “when I am … More Hunger Games

Big Jet Pain

Tony got to sit in a big stealth fighter jet this week. All thumbs up and toothy grins. He told us we’re getting 58 new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters! “You just don’t know what’s around the corner.” It’s going to cost $12.4 billion. That’s in addition to the 14 fighters we’ve already ordered. But not to … More Big Jet Pain

Bruised Apples

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CHECKOUT OPERATOR Dear checkout operator, I am writing to you about apples. Specifically, about the way you bag them. Please do not drop them from height into the plastic bag, so that they bounce when they hit the bench. Please be gentle. I am not a difficult person. Truly, I’m … More Bruised Apples

Art That I Heart

If my soul was cut open and turned inside out (god forbid), I reckon it might look something like this: Colourful, layered, pensive, bleeding. A little bit wild. Nonsensical, but making perfect sense. Playful, whimsical. Forlorn at times. Oh so blurred. This exquisite piece is by Amanda Krantz – a Melbourne-based artist who draws inspiration from all the … More Art That I Heart

How To Plan a Wedding

Four months to go until the big day. Everyone keeps asking: So, how’s the planning? Have you got the dress yet? Good and yes, I tell them. The planning is great, actually, because at the moment we’re selecting the wines. This involves buying multiple bottles of cheap plonk and trying them all at once. We’ve … More How To Plan a Wedding

Zombie Survival Plan

On one of our very first dates my (now) fiancé very gravely asked me: What’s your zombie plan? Sorry, what? Your zombie plan? What would you do in an outbreak? He then proceeded to explain, rapidly and in great detail, where and how he would source weapons, tinned supplies and fuel, before heading out to … More Zombie Survival Plan

Being Tall

I am tall. Some might say very tall. Giant. Titan. MONSTER! 181cm. Not quite six foot, but very nearly. I like to think of it as superhuman. Not quite, but very nearly. There are benefits to being of considerable height and there are cons. But mostly, there are just lots of awkward moments. For one, being tall … More Being Tall