Cheap (sheep) Laughs

In the absence of an original, witty idea for my next blog, I am stealing someone else’s.

This guy:

the greatest blog of all time.
Redsall: the greatest blogger of all time

As Redsall has pointed out in the past, the simplest humour is often the best.

To demonstrate the point further, I have put together a compilation of simple but effective gags (the majority of which feature animals).


First up, the sneezing baby panda. A classic. Even though I know exactly what’s about to happen, it gets me every single time.

When I am having a bad day, I put this on repeat:


If my bad mood persists, I step things up a gear with this:


Alternatively, a simple google search: “animals failing at human furniture” will do the trick.


dog couch



cat fail

I mean – look at his face.


If animals aren’t your thing, there’s always humans.

Like this man:


Later, the man described the experience as being “like a birthing”.

And finally, this letter. Written by my brother for my cousin on her wedding day.



Oh man. So good. I hope you chuckled at least once. I know I did.

Peace out.




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