Art That I Heart

If my soul was cut open and turned inside out (god forbid), I reckon it might look something like this:


Colourful, layered, pensive, bleeding. A little bit wild. Nonsensical, but making perfect sense. Playful, whimsical. Forlorn at times. Oh so blurred.

This exquisite piece is by Amanda Krantz – a Melbourne-based artist who draws inspiration from all the usual places (nature, travel, memories) and some unusual places too (a friend’s earring, assorted candy).

I came across Krantz whilst scrolling mindlessly on the interwebs.

This picture popped up and immediately struck me with its vibrant colours and intensity:


It must be incredibly therapeutic to be able to pick up a paintbrush and embody flashes of raw emotion so perfectly and so beautifully.

“I harness mistakes to create beauty,” Krantz said.

Gosh, I wish my mistakes could turn out so exquisitely.

amanda 3



Another amazing Aussie artist: Abbey McCulloch.

She’s well known – but I first saw her work in a Frankie Magazine left lying around by a former housemate.

McCulloch first turned to art as an introverted, shy little girl, to divert attention away from herself.

Just wow.


McCulloch’s work mostly features women: Otherworldly, vulnerable, rainbow women, who are a touch awkward at times. And sometimes a little bit haunted.

But they are beautiful.

Her work makes sense to me in every single way.



And last, but by no means least, is Sydney-based photographer Elize Strydom.

I befriended Elize years ago whilst working together in region NSW, well before learning of her artistic prowess.

She always has a camera slung over her shoulder and takes trips across continents in pursuit of her passion.

Elize sees people and sees through people. It’s obvious in her work…




Of course, three random pics do not do Elize justice, so check out her blog: Olive and Oak.

Such talent abounds on this here island nation…. and even at the next desk in your office.

Who’s your favourite Australian artist?


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