Big Jet Pain

Tony got to sit in a big stealth fighter jet this week. All thumbs up and toothy grins.

He told us we’re getting 58 new F-35 Joint Strike Fighters!

“You just don’t know what’s around the corner.”

It’s going to cost $12.4 billion. That’s in addition to the 14 fighters we’ve already ordered.

But not to worry, he assures us, it’s not new spending.

It’s money we’d saved up, squirreled away and pre-destined for defence. So it’s fine, you guys, it’s fine.

Meanwhile, Joe busily drafts up the budget. Brace for cuts, he warns.

I’m so braced.

$12.4 billion is a fair chunk of money, isn’t it.

This morning I found $2.20 between the seats on the train and cheered out loud.

I added $1 of my own money and got a latte.

I’m still trying to figure out if that’s new spending. Or old spending. Or just spending.

I sigh a lot these days.

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