The Rio

I went back in time today. About 50 years I think, possibly even 60. It didn’t require a time machine. Just a bit of curiosity and free time. You see, there’s an old milk bar in Summer Hill called The Rio. It stands out like a sore thumb between all the trendy new cafes popping up. Today I ventured … More The Rio

A Little Four Thought

1. I spill breakfast down my front and watch it slop onto the floor. Ah geez. It happens sometimes, usually half a second before I walk out the door. Okay look fine it happens every morning. I wonder how I can be classified as adult.   2. Middle-aged women make small talk on the train. Chirping like little birds. Lovely … More A Little Four Thought

Unit Number 14

  Sometimes I hear people through the walls. They are speaking in Spanish. I have never met them. They cough loudly. They laugh louder. They fight and cook loudest of all.   There is a girl in a wheelchair downstairs. She clunks down an entire flight of stairs every morning at 9:30am. The wheels grind against … More Unit Number 14

Poetry: Untitled

Here’s a poem from years ago. I had some pretty severe insomnia at the time. I used to wake up suddenly with rushing thoughts, sweaty feet and a stomach full of high-pitched nerves. For no reason at all. So, I’d sneak downstairs and write angst-driven poetry between the ungodly hours of 2am and 4am. I haven’t shown any of it to … More Poetry: Untitled