Out Of Step


There is a saying in French that goes, “Je marcher à coté de mes pompes.”

It translates to, “I am walking next to my shoes.”

Or more accurately, next to my pumps.

It is used to describe those days (or weeks or years) when you just feel out of it. Out of step. Not with it.

It is the most perfect little saying and I find myself using it a lot. Just last week in fact, it felt like my shoes were doing their own little trek on Mars.

As it neared 5pm (but, for some reason, still felt like 10am), I found myself sardined on a bus worming its way though rain and peak hour traffic. The man behind me had coffee breath and woman in front, no sense of balance.

Seeking comfort, I texted one of my dearest friends (a BFF) who lives 100 kilometres away.


Here is our message exchange from June 5 at 4:47pm.

Me: What is with today. Today is weird.

BFF: Today IS weird…. Why is it weird for you?

Me: I keep going the wrong way and having to turn around. I can’t get internet on my phone. And I forgot to put on my rings. I feel naked and out of touch. You?

BFF: Moving into new house this arvo…. Feeling super tired from lack of sleep, crazy busy with work but not stressed by it.

BFF: Wait did you already see my Facebook message about today being weird or is this a crazy coincidence that you also feel weird?

Me: No! I’ve got no data credit on my phone and have been disconnected all day. I wanna see your message.

BFF: Oh wow. Crazy. I used the term ‘I feel weird’ about 3 times. We are so in sync.

Me: I feel weirder now.

BFF: Me toooooooooo. Here’s the message:

today is weird

Me: This is why I love you. This is also freaky. I’m drinking some wine now.

BFF: I’m having port.



The thing with being out of step is – you are actually completely in-step with someone else. You’ve just to figure out who it is.



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