Long Day At Work

Long day at work. Passenger plane shot down. Dozens of Australians dead. Mothers, brothers, doctors. A real estate agent. Neighbours. Passers-by. Coffee drinkers. A soy latte please, one sugar. Joggers. Left-handers. Lovers. Kids. Toddlers who hate broccoli and love dinosaurs and the colour blue. The son of one of the victims agrees to speak on … More Long Day At Work

Pet Killer

I killed off two of my long-term pets this year. Pussy Willow and Ray. Let’s start with Pussy Willow. At the age of 14, I started asking my mum and dad for a cat. Repeatedly. And they would refuse. The interaction was highly predictable and boring: Mum, can we get a cat?  NO! Dad, can … More Pet Killer