And The Rain Eased.

They had planned their wedding for months and months, paying it off $1000 at a time. He chose the wine and she chose the colour scheme. Together they chose the invitations and the location (the heart of the bush). August 23. 3pm. Together they watched the weather forecast. Overcast, chance of showers it said, two … More And The Rain Eased.

To Kick A Wombat

What it feels like to kick a wombat: HILARIOUS. It tastes like a steaming hot Surprise Pie with a squirt of Shock Sauce. It smells like a foggy dusk and young eucalypts. It sounds like your own footsteps bounding, leaping, SPRINGING on an overgrown path in the rain. Like a kid. It sounds like your … More To Kick A Wombat

And I’m Letting Go

(circa late 2013) It’s ultimate pain In summer rain It’s a paper cut On a heart that’s shut It’s striving And it’s tiring It’s driving Contriving It’s letting go It’s to and fro It’s falling fast And coming last It’s getting ahead But being misread It’s being alone In a grey unknown It’s walking It’s … More And I’m Letting Go

Near Miss

Driving down the open highway. Alone! Free! Young! High speed. The sun, it rises. Shadows long, fog hugging the horizon. Bare paddocks to the left, the right. A wallaby       APPEARS. Jumping. jump, jump. Stops. Middle of the road, directly before me. Stands upright. Alert. Ears. pricked. up. Snap out of the enchanted dawn. Snap on the … More Near Miss