To Kick A Wombat

What it feels like to kick a wombat: HILARIOUS.

It tastes like a steaming hot Surprise Pie with a squirt of Shock Sauce.

It smells like a foggy dusk and young eucalypts.

It sounds like your own footsteps bounding, leaping, SPRINGING on an overgrown path in the rain. Like a kid.

It sounds like your heavy breathing.

It sounds like thick rain drops slopping on sodden leaves that cover the ground like paper mache.

It sounds like the muffled rain falling on the hood of your jacket.

It feels like the electric exhilaration you only get to feel once, on the night before your wedding.

Then, as you duck your head under a swooping branch and recklessly pick up speed…………….

It sounds like thud, thud, thud, thud, thud just to your right.

Then, it looks like a fast-moving shadow at your feet.

And suddenly it feels like a metal shot put of solid panic in the pit of your gut and an oversized medicine ball at the top of your right foot.



Then briefly, it sounds like nothing at all, as the two of you regain your balance and just stopdead still – in the middle of the path.

Oh my god, I kicked a wombat!

Oh my god, a human kicked me!

It tastes of bubbling disbelief.

Then, the silence breaks and it sounds like muffled rain again.

And it sounds like your own footsteps, as you go bounding, leaping, SPRINGING away, while it goes thud, thud, thud, thud, thud off to the left.

When it’s all over, it feels like a whitewash of hilarity.

That feeling starts to fade within minutes.
But I will never forget what it feels like to kick a wombat.


Kicked it good


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