And The Rain Eased.

They had planned their wedding for months and months, paying it off $1000 at a time.

He chose the wine and she chose the colour scheme.

Together they chose the invitations and the location (the heart of the bush).

August 23. 3pm.

Together they watched the weather forecast.

Overcast, chance of showers it said, two weeks out.

Overcast, chance of showers it said, one week out.

Five days out.

Four, three, two days out.

They didn’t look after that.

It rained all night but by morning it was clear.

Perfectly, crystal clear!

Blue skies!

“OH THANK GOD!” she cried.

But by 2:20pm it was raining and raining hard.

Her bridesmaids closed the curtains as she put on her lipstick, but they could do nothing to stop her hearing the downpour.


At 3pm she lifted her dress and stooped under the big white umbrella held high by her precious, balding father.

He smiled at her there under that umbrella, where he glowed more than she.

And the rain eased.

And at 3:05pm, as she took her first step down the aisle, it cleared completely.

(quite unbelievably)

All that was left was the fresh, crisp, green, green, green and brand new Aussie bush. And the glowing, florescent moss blanketing every rock face.

And have you ever felt the Australian bush immediately after rain?


I’m so truly glad it rained.


And the rain eased


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