A Little Four Thought – Part II

Wednesday September 10 – SPRING

The sky is so bright bright bright today. It just about punched me in the face.

Monday September 15 – RATS

There are rats the size of kittens that mooch under the bushes outside my office. They are fat and slow and oh so bold.

They wait until it is dark and they wait until I am leaving work and then they stand in the middle of the path and snicker at me.

They scurry off and they don’t care one bit. Not a bit.

I snicker back.

Saturday September 20: THE BLACK STILETTO

There is an oversized warehouse near Macdonaldtown train station. It’s made of corrugated iron and it is sandwiched between dozens of train lines.

And inside? Dozens of old train carriages.

You can only see the entire expanse of the roof as the train pulls away from the platform and you are on board that train.

And there on the roof, in the far corner, is a black stiletto. Just one. Designer, with a three inch heel. It has been in that exact position for at least one year. It’s faded now.

I can think of no plausible explanation as to how a black designer stiletto came to be atop a warehouse that sits between the train lines.

The stiletto and the mystery is a constant in my inner west life.

Sunday 21 September: TERROR

A man waits for his plane to take off and he is so bored. There is a middle-aged man in a suit on his left and the aisle on his right.

He stares at the back of the seat in front of him for a wihle, then glances at his watch.

He scribbles his own truths in a notebook.

“Terrorism is made up”

Then something about “melting ice cream” and “fluffy bears” and “sandy feet” and where is the terror?

The middle-aged man in a suit looks at the notebook. Calls the hostess. Complains.


This is a true story and what the actual hell..?


Check out PART I here


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