Facebook Wants Your Eggs

There is something deeply saddening to me about a company offering to freeze the eggs of their female employees.

It’s being touted as a perk, a revolutionary workplace strategy offered by male-dominated IT companies who want to be more female-friendly.

(did you know only 15 per cent of technical staff at Facebook are women)

Let’s give the girls a chance! Yeah! Woo! Go us! *High-fives around the boardroom*

But the underlying message is cruel and archaic: Your pregnancy is undesirable. Motherhood is an unwelcome interruption. If you get pregnant, you are obviously not that serious about your career.

The message is: Fuck the natural functioning of your body, pregnancy is incompatible with the goals of our company and your linear Silicon Valley career path.

The message is: You cannot advance your career whilst also ensuring the future survival of humanity.

The message is: We control your eggs now. Facebook controls your fucking eggs.

I don’t think this is giving women more choice. This policy is actively encouraging women to delay pregnancy. And it opens the door to guilt and shame on the women who don’t.

Well, if you had only taken the opportunity to freeze your eggs, perhaps your career would have really taken off.

Sorry honey, you were on the verge of promotion, but as it happens, you fell pregnant.

And worst of all, having your eggs on ice is no guarantee. There’s a chance it might not actually work. So there’s that.

I just don’t think this is the best way to encourage and “empower” women in IT.

Here’s an idea. How about equal pay.

Now that would be really revolutionary.



One thought on “Facebook Wants Your Eggs

  1. Great response. I has the same gut reaction to this announcement as well. While touted as an innovative benefit, this feels to me a step backward from acceptance and integration of motherhood in the professional realm. Having just had a baby myself, and working in the high tech silicon valley world, I would absolutely not want to feel more pressure to delay.

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