Not A Poem: Perception

This is not a poem. It is just a bunch of stuff that happened and my response to that stuff and it just happens to be spaced out in verses. But yeah, NOT a poem. It’s all about how you look at it.


My feelings are IMMENSE and they menace me from without, I cry.

My dear, your feelings are inside you and you are much bigger than they are, says the wise woman.

My feelings are ATTACKING me and I am at war with them, I cry.

Your feelings are beacons that signal what’s important to you. They signal everything that matters, she says.

Make room for them my dear, says the wise woman.


We pass a crash site on Parramatta Road.

I hold back the tears while the taxi driver cracks up laughing.


Clip clop, clip clop, clip clop.

A horse! There’s a horse in our street! I love horses!

Rush to the window.

Two women in high heels march down the sidewalk.


“Girl” is not an insult, never an offense.

It is not okay in any context.

It is not okay when it is a quote from another man from several years ago.

It is still not okay when it is said with an accent similar to that man.

And it is especially not okay when you are a senior politician hailing from a 19-member cabinet that includes only one woman, and is based on merit.

Here’s some merit for ya:

I just think if we use girl as an insult what are we telling our sons and our daughters about being a girl? You’re saying it’s somehow less confident, weak, whatever the imputation.

Imagine if we used any racial term in the way it was used. I think we would all be outraged.

– Penny Wong



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