The End

Two stories. One is just a note I wrote on my iPhone on the train. The second is my account of what happened immediately after I wrote it.


This is definitely how the human race will end:

Today’s technology (smartphones, wireless internet etc) is having a devastating impact on our genes, such that in four or five generations we will all become infertile. And that is how the human race will end.

Prepare for chaos.

The problem will affect western countries first of all and worst of all, due to our excessive use of the destructive technologies. But the process will be so gradual that no one will really notice at first and then within two or three generations half of the population will be sterile.

As panic starts to spread, scientists will work out what’s causing the infertility.

And that’s when society really falls apart. Entire populaces ditch the very technology that is the cornerstone of, well, everything. People start flocking to primitive countries and remote islands that don’t have smartphones or the internet, and are therefore unaffected by the problem. People will start attacking each other for the few seats on offer on one-way planes and ships.

But this only serves to spread the problem further.

Sterile people pass on their defective genes in otherwise untouched nations. More and more people are left barren. Tribes and sects start to murder and attack westerners who try to move in on their land and threaten the future of their people

This could all really happen, but we will never ever know because we will be dead. And our children’s children will be left to deal with it.

The End.


I sat on the train and typed this story furiously into my iPhone (ah the irony). The moment I had finished, I felt a tap tap tap on my shoulder. It was a young guy in the seat behind me.

“Excuse me. Hi. I’m sorry but I accidentally saw what you were writing just then. All that stuff. Do you think it’s true?”

“Oh, right,” I answered.

Fumbled with my phone. Mind racing: Who is this guy? Why? How? I mean how the heck did he read my screen, held low in my lap, from the seat behind? And by accident…

“No. I don’t think it’s going to happen,” I said.

“But it could be already happening,” he said.

“I wouldn’t worry.”

He held eye contact for a little bit too long. Somewhat unnerving.

Thankfully, I had to get off at the next station.

As I walked along the platform, I glanced back at the guy still sitting on the train. He looked pretty worried. Pale even. I think I managed to freak him out a little.

So, that really happened.

And I guess the moral of the story is: mind your own business. Oh, and maybe avoid all technology too, just to be safe.


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