A memory

It is Jono’s fifth birthday. I am six and Darren is about to turn eight.

Jono opens a present.

“It’s a tool box!”

Just what he asked for.

The tool box is light pink with the words Ladies Tools imprinted across the front.

“Ha! It says ladies tools!” Darren says.

“No, it says laddies tools. As in lad. Because Jono is a lad,” Dad quickly explains.

Jono opens the tool box and runs his eyes over the hammer, the screw drivers, the clamp. He looks up, hops up and runs away to hammer and screw stuff.

Dad spends the next hour insisting to Darren that ladies and laddies are spelt the same. Eventually he admits Darren is right and bribes him not to tell Jono.

tool box

pic credit: http://www.svampriket.se/2013/10/fler-verktyg-for-en-breddad-genusanalys/


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