Linda’s Ex

It’s 2003.


Linda leaves her boyfriend.

He is shattered.

He sits in his apartment, his head in his hands. She has taken her record player and her coffee table. Even some of her photo frames.

He fights against the tears welling in his eyes, and the anger and pain swelling in his chest.

In his brokenness, he turns to art.

He picks up a beer and a sketch pad, and devises a plan to get her back.

Or at the very least, abate the stinging in his heart and defer the black loneliness that is bearing down. If only for the night.

He sketches and paints and draws.

He continues into the next day.

And the day after that.

He does not call her. He does not plead and beg and bargain with her. Instead, he bleeds directly onto the paper before him.

And in a very public ploy, he plasters every single one of his works across the Friedrichshain district.

Pieces of his broken heart, on buildings and walls and on street signs…




This goes on a long time and eventually the works draw widespread curiosity from Berliners.

It becomes a topic of mass intrigue.

There is talk among locals. Some want Linda to go back to her ex-lover. Others say that would be crazy, he is crazy.

Some take out ads in the paper. Call the local radio station. Urging Linda to speak out, to come forward, to do this or that.

Eventually the artist emerges.

And he confesses.

There was no Linda.

Linda was a hoax.

Apologies to all.

To find out more about Ronald Brückner’s work, visit his blog.

Pictures credit: Smashing magazine



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