Your Glass House

there will come a time when your glass house will shatter around you.

you will stand at the entrance like you always do. with the front door open, looking out.

the cracks will creep up the walls. ever so slowly.

tiny hairline fractures at first.

a warning.

they will grow.

then one day it will happen.

there will be an almighty roar. a deafening wind.

and the walls will blow out. forcefully. furiously. at top speed.

shards will fly all around you. zoom past you. hit you. cut you. slit your cheeks and arms and legs.

glass bullets will pelt into you, into your torso. some will stay lodged inside for good.

direct hits.

blood streaming, dripping. mixing with the fragments and pieces cutting your feet.

you will stay standing at the entrance, like you always do, and your house will fall down around you.

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