Life with a House Husband

It appears I have acquired myself a house husband. My fella is trading in his day job for the role of stay-at-home dad. This is a life-long dream of mine, and his, realised. Hoorah.

Regrettably, this fortunate twist of fates is only temporary. It extends for six months, owing to a combination of his long service leave and an impressive accumulation of holiday leave. During this time, I will be granted the opportunity to invest my time in non-parenting pursuits, including study and work and baths. Lots of baths.

Despite this magnificent role-reversal, it turns out that I am still the only one blessed with the ability to produce milk. Thus, I continue to find myself retired to the couch several times a day (and night) pinned beneath a suckling child. So there do remain some restraints upon my “freedom”. If I wish to take leave, it must be planned. Namely, there must be enough of my milk in the fridge or freezer. And I cannot be gone too long, lest my breasts explode with a build up of the stuff.

Having my husband at home feels like a holiday. Wakeful nights are not a concern anymore, for in the morning I know he will care for our babe and I will nap. It has only been one week, but I have managed to catch up on: sleep, paperwork, doctors appointments, Christmas shopping, exercise, baths and podcasts. I also have time to read for pleasure! (Great Expectations at the moment – the first Dickens I’ve ever read and I’m bloody well loving it). Plans currently in the works include: a solo trip to the movies (you should try it) and lunch with the ladies.

It will be interesting to see how life changes when I resume various responsibilities in the new year, such as university and work. I mean, on the home front we very much split domestic duties 50/50. Neither of us want that to change, but it might have to depending on the weight of my load outside of the home.

I do love this time of year. The heat, the plastic trees and fake snow, the carols, the good will and that sentimental feeling of yet another year drawing to a close. 2016 has been a year of dramatic transition for me. Everything is different. You can certainly count on having a child to change your life. If I compare my life at the start of this year, to my life now – it is utterly unrecognisable. (Even my blog rate has changed – to bi-annual at most). But it has been an incredible journey. At the beginning of this motherhood journey, I was in a state of hazy shock. In a way, grieving the life I once had. Now? Well, I sometimes wonder if everything in my life was leading up to this. My heart is full.

As we are only one week into this house husband arrangement, there is really not much else to say. Except that: Life is Excellent. I will endeavour to update this blog over the next six months, as my husband takes over baby duties and I take on more worldly pursuits.


Never in a million years did I ever think I would post a pic like this. But everything has changed and here we are: Nine Months In vs Nine Months Out


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