A Homage To My Ladies

The sisterhood is a powerful force and an entity of endless value. This revelation is not new, but it is worth repeating and celebrating again and again and again. So, here goes:

One year ago my lady friends gathered to celebrate my baby shower. We sipped champagne and ate cake, painted bibs and chatted on the balcony. Baby was to arrive just four weeks later.

When the guests had left, I sat on the lounge room floor with my mother and sister-in-law and my enormous great belly. I can vividly recall the feeling of my full and glowing heart. My mother and SIL commented on just how beautiful my friends were, how lucky I was. I knew it to be true.

We had shared an afternoon together that could have been described as pleasant, lovely. But their attendance that day meant more than that. That day, a tribe of women had gathered around me and said: We Are Here For You.

And they were.

Over the 12 months to follow I called upon each of my friends many, many times. The transition into motherhood is a profound but turbulent journey and these women took up arms and trekked the road with me. (It mattered not whether they had children of their own).

Each of them has been right there at various, crucial points: listening, encouraging, gently advising, laughing with me, crying with me, celebrating my wins and freely sharing their coffee/wine/food/hugs/strength/insights. And – the one that really breaks me – loving my child as their own.

These women are extraordinary and uniquely gifted. They are wise and smart and strong. But at the same time: warm and safe and nurturing. I can be unreservedly honest and vulnerable in their company. I can come just as I am – be it sleep-deprived and wrecked or in the highest of spirits – and I am accepted just the same. They get it! I am understood! I am deeply understood!

I find my female friendships rich and fulfilling in a way that no other relationships are. These friendships are powerful. I feel secure and empowered knowing that I have an incredible army of women behind me. I respect them and trust them and love them completely. It makes me shiver.

I’m not sure I would survive without my tribe, my confidantes. I am exponentially thankful to have them in my life. My hope is that I too can be a next-level friend, as they have been to me. I hope that I am accessible even when times are busy. I hope that one day I can somehow make it up to them…



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