Talk S-Town To Me

I (along with the rest of the world) just binge-listened to the S-Town podcast and now all I want to do it talk about it, analyse it, dissect the characters. Here are my thoughts, jotted down immediately after crying/listening to the very last episode. If you have not listened to it. GO AND LISTEN TO … More Talk S-Town To Me

The Rio

I went back in time today. About 50 years I think, possibly even 60. It didn’t require a time machine. Just a bit of curiosity and free time. You see, there’s an old milk bar in Summer Hill called The Rio. It stands out like a sore thumb between all the trendy new cafes popping up. Today I ventured … More The Rio

Unit Number 14

  Sometimes I hear people through the walls. They are speaking in Spanish. I have never met them. They cough loudly. They laugh louder. They fight and cook loudest of all.   There is a girl in a wheelchair downstairs. She clunks down an entire flight of stairs every morning at 9:30am. The wheels grind against … More Unit Number 14

The Dili Diary

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I read lots of articles about air-brushing and fair pay and shared-representation in parliament. I even wrote some of those stories. But my heart and mind kept wondering off to Dili. Let me explain. East Timor is hot. It’s hot and grimy and harsh. The streets fling dust in your face and between your … More The Dili Diary

Sucked in, Sinkhole

You’d be pretty unlucky to be swallowed up by a sinkhole. Imagine – you’re driving along en route to a hot date, when BAM, you’re falling down a hole. You’re tucked up in bed with a hot milo and a good book, when BAM, you’re falling down a massive hole. Or you’re taking a bog, when BAM: . . . . So, what’s … More Sucked in, Sinkhole