grant it to me

because this is what i need and i’m asking you for it i’m asking you to give it to grant it to me freely, please. a breath of air a ray of light a clean break a life ring. because i struggle to walk and i struggle to see i struggle i struggle i struggle. … More grant it to me

The End

by Mark Strand Not every man knows what he shall sing at the end, Watching the pier as the ship sails away, or what it will seem like When he’s held by the sea’s roar, motionless, there at the end, Or what he shall hope for once it is clear that he’ll never go back. … More The End

Lines for Winter

BY MARK STRAND   for Ros Krauss   Tell yourself as it gets cold and gray falls from the air that you will go on walking, hearing the same tune no matter where you find yourself— inside the dome of dark or under the cracking white of the moon’s gaze in a valley of snow. Tonight … More Lines for Winter

When You Break

It hurts me to see you hurting. My heart is your heart. It aches deeply for you. So urgently (so helplessly) I want to free you from this. Remove, delete this new burden you now have to bear each day and forever. But I can’t and I can’t and I am so powerless. There is nothing to do … More When You Break

Hands Full

she’s had that seed all along, you know. cupped between her hands, day after day, year after year. not a hinderance. precious cargo.   i caught a glimpse of it, once or twice. it glowed. a white-hot ember!   it warmed her face when she peered down at it. it warmed my face from afar. … More Hands Full