The Dream

Let me tell you about the dream I had last night. It is, quite clearly, the dream of a journalist on maternity leave during an election campaign, who has been unable to see any live music for a while. The Dream: I’m in a crowded, dingy bar waiting for the band to get up. I’m … More The Dream

Postpartum Perfection

I have never felt more powerful than in the hours after giving birth. Powerful and empowered and proud. Incredibly proud. Of my new baby, yes of course. But also of my body, which I came to realise was so unspeakably perfectly and purposefully designed. Immediately post-partum, my body was flawless. To me, anyway. The delivery … More Postpartum Perfection


Today I had a pap smear…… is probably not the way anyone should ever start a blog post. But stuff your rules. So, today I had a pap smear, and halfway through the doctor paused, peered up at me and proclaimed, “You have a *lovely* cervix!” To which I replied, “Thank you!” Completely chuffed. I had … More Lovely.


At 5:26am on a Saturday morning I am in the backseat of a cab on the way to work. The taxi rattles down Parramatta road, BBC World News on the radio. My head is heavy. My eyelids are heavy. I open the window in an attempt to speed up the groggy transition from sleep to consciousness. Cold … More crash

Hey Baby

I have fallen irrevocably in love. I met my nephew for the first time yesterday. Less than 24 hours old. Face still squished up. Arms and legs folded as though he were still inside his dear mother. Scratches on his face, which he is still sussing out. A whole life lying bundled up in my arms. … More Hey Baby