NOUN mass noun The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. ‘people for whom gold holds no allure’

grant it to me

because this is what i need and i’m asking you for it i’m asking you to give it to grant it to me freely, please. a breath of air a ray of light a clean break a life ring. because i struggle to walk and i struggle to see i struggle i struggle i struggle. … More grant it to me


Whoever said that comedians can’t laugh at their own jokes has not yet seen my stand-up. Honestly, laughing at my jokes (usually before I have finished them) is my entire shtick. Not like a little chuckle or a cute snort – I’m talking uncontrollable tears-down-cheeks, snot-out-the-nose howling. I laugh so hard that my audience (read: my long-suffering family) ends up laughing out of … More Shtick